QED 2017 - Early bird registration until April 7

Don’t miss the opportunity to use a 25 % discount for registration because the best edition of conference QED so far is ahead of us.

Still haven’t signed up for 11th conference QED 2017? We remind you that early bird registration expires on April 7th. Don’t miss the opportunity to use a 25 % discount for registration because the best edition of Quality in Enterprise Development Conference so far is ahead of us.

Harmony and everything connected to the harmony in the modern system architecture will be covered by the best experts through lectures, workshops, open panels and practical examples from real life. Richard Sheridan, the author of the world famous book Joy, Inc. about creating harmony within the team and organization, Phaedra Boinodiris, an IBM expert in the field of cognitive design and methods of influence on the organization though the concept of serious gaming, and Yonatan Raz-Friedman, co-founder of the fastest growing UK startup, a person who knows everything we want to know about innovation and many other domestic and foreign experts will be in Zadar with us!

Participants who register for the QED 2017 Conference by April 7, 2017 will have the chance to win a free registration fee for participation in the race Wings for Life World Run Croatia (in message section on the registration form, please note “Registration for Wings for Life World Run”).

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Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference!

Published 30.03.2017.

QED 2017 and Wings for Life World Run

Participants who sign up to participate at the QED 2017 conference until 24 March 2017 have the chance to win a free registration fee for Wings for Life World Run.

Harmony at QED 2017

Our 11th “Quality in Enterprise Development” (QED) conference will be held from 7th to 9th May 2017 in Zadar. The main theme of the eleventh QED is harmony.

QED 2016 retrospective: Experimenting and playing as the road to success

What is a failure in the business environment, how to adapt to the new everyday challenges brought to us by new trends and technologies, why there is no success without failures – are only a couple of the questions that were answered to the participants by eminent domestic and international lectures at QED 2016 conference.