Coaching Clinic (02:00 PM - 06:00 PM)

We coaches like to talk and listen to our customers. In order to help them with their situations we really try to understand their point of view. We also know that adoption of agile way of thinking is not a trivial thing to do. 

On the Coaching Clinic, we offer free assistance in the form of coaching conversations with experienced agile42 and CROZ coaches. Bring whatever topic you want: Scrum, Kanban, technical practices for achieving greater levels of agility, agile career path, what to do with organizational silos, how to assist all levels of management in learning and adopting a more agile way of thinking, what does it all mean in terms of daily work, or any other. 

In the Clinic, coaches pair with clients according to clients individual needs, so you are sure you’re always talking to the coach who is best for you. You can register in advance or simply walk in. The Clinic is open for the entire duration of the QED Conference, and it facilitated by Andrea Tomasini.