Mladen Knežić

Mladen is software development consultant at CROZ. During his 12 years in the IT industry he has been working in design, development, deployment, systems analysis, testing and optimization applying different technologies on number of projects from various business domains. He filled many roles in various projects, from developer, DB admin and architect to DevOps. Main areas of expertise also include software performance and security with as many as 10 years of experience in given areas.

He has extensive experience in J2EE/Java technologies ranging from the design and development of simple MVC applications to the complex multi-tier layered and cloud architectures.

He also enjoys developing and delivering system, keeping them running safely, debugging the issues and working on performance and security improvements. Keeping the human side and getting the most out of his work adds value and gives return on investment to our clients.

Lately, he has been caught into the web of cloud-based software development, so don’t ask him about cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, microservices or RedHat Openshift. He wont stop talking. 🙂

Also, Jenkins CI is on his hit list.

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