Alan Mirko Poldrugač

Alan is a known Croatian expert for project management and digital transformation with more then 20 years of experience in banking, software development and innovation. He thinks the main points in successful realization of any project are motivated members of the project team and well defined priorities. In the last two years he has been focusing on digital transformation and adding value to the organizations.

He is an initiator and leader of SupraPM project and blogger at He is a member of Croatian Association for Project Management (HUUP IPMA), owner for PMO SIG part, and a speaker at many Croatian and foreign conferences. He has also received many awards, his favorite one being Best Project Manager in the Raiffeisen International Group 2007.

Also, he is the only participant and speaker in all 11 CROZ conferences to date.

PSD2 regulation - banking disruption in 2018

Monday, 11:25 - 11:55